False eyelash factory in Hanoi

False eyelash factory

Ha Noi Mi Factory specializes in providing bridal false eyelashes, performing false eyelashes, all kinds of natural false eyelashes, super thick false eyelashes, high-quality false eyelashes, fake eyelashes from brands,… We produce a full range of types. False eyelashes have a variety of designs, you can choose false eyelashes as you like, do not force the quantity, but the price is still the softest on the market.

Recruiting agents to distribute false eyelashes nationwide, ensuring the best price in the market for agents and distributors

False eyelashes are produced professionally, carefully, selected from the best materials with trendy designs, keeping up with current market trends.

lông mi giả

With today’s makeup needs, false eyelashes are an extremely important makeup accessory to help make makeup more perfect. Fake eyelashes attract the eyes, attract the eyes, especially when you need to go to a party, take art photos, take wedding photos,…

Distributing fake my nationwide. Wholesale false eyelashes. Supply false eyelashes in bulk. You are looking for a factory to manufacture fake eyelashes at original price, please contact directly via hotline: 09753.222.55

False eyelash processing factory

Eyelash factory with the best price in the market, especially not in quantity

– The first wholesale order requires a minimum of 50 boxes anything (can be taken as many types, many numbers , as many sizes as you want…)

– The next order to take additional quantity as you like

We are honored to be a reputable manufacturer and supplier of shops across the country, with beautiful designs, special quality, and always the softest price.

Nowadays, false eyelashes are like the best friends of young people, especially false eyelashes are easy to use, you need to be short and light, you have beautiful eyelashes, it will not take much effort to attach eyelashes.

With a variety of eyelash styles, short eyelashes, long eyelashes, thin eyelashes, thick eyelashes, curved eyelashes, straight eyelashes, and eyelashes, it will be easy to choose for users because each personality will use different types of eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes from brands from 3D mink lashes, 5D mink eyelashes from Japan, Hanh Quang fake eyelashes in black box, Model TN false eyelashes in gold box,… The quality of fake eyelashes and good prices are always our top priority. to serve customers nationwide


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