How to Choose a Durable, Non-Spicy, Work-appropriate Eyelash Extension Glue

Those who are new to the profession, or have been in the profession for a long time, but have not yet chosen the right glue line, the glue is currently in use POOR durability, SUPER Spiciness, DRY Glue DRY QUICK TIME SLOWLY. Confused with glue’s durability, safety and reputation.

Urgently need a line of low-spicy, high-strength glue for the holidays, helping to retain customers. This article hopes to help you have more or less experience in choosing the right glue.

HOW TO CHOOSE DURABLE, NON-Spicy eyelash extension glue that suits your profession

Before we choose glue, we ourselves need to know the composition of the glue like.

There are 2 types of glue:

+ The first is a solid glue, that is, a gel glue, when it comes out, the glue will be a little bit like a gel. When I shake it, it will hit the glue on my hand like I do nail polish.
– Advantages: slow drying (5s-8s), suitable for new workers.

– Disadvantages: big glue feet, glue feet easily brittle, quite strong and pungent smell, not durable…

=> To fix it, I should use thin glue…
+  The other type of eyelash extension glue  is a dilute form, to identify, I shake the glue bottle => it will make a “creaking, gurgling” sound like there is water inside.

– Advantages: suitable for both new and long-term workers, the glue legs are very compact, the joints are not thick or brittle, still as thin as when they were new, keep for a long time

– Cons: need practice to get used to the drying speed.


Each bottle of glue has a different shelf life depending on the manufacturer (6-8 months), after opening the glue, you should use it within 2 months, remember to record the date of opening to know the expiration date a/c, if Expired glue will have a slightly unpleasant odor and decrease in quality.

There are many glue lines on the market that look the same, but the glue line is different. Making it difficult for you to find and choose for yourself a suitable and best eyelash extension glue on the market today.

To choose the glue with the highest strength and best drying time for your current workmanship. Then Hani recommends watching your connection speed
Like, how many seconds does it take to pick up eyelashes and dip them in glue and then attach them?…


+ If you have been working for a long time, the workmanship is fast, it only takes 1s to complete, then you should choose the line of glue that DRY WITHIN 0.7 – 1s. This line dries amazingly fast, this glue is odorless, fast eyelash extensions, less spicy, extremely good durability (6-8 weeks), time saving, connects 1 set of lashes in under 45′ the optimal choice most is the line Double Fast pink cap glue (dry 0.7 – 1s). Glue used in air-conditioned environment is most suitable, cold weather, low humidity, especially my brothers and sisters in Europe, using this glue is very suitable.

+ And you have just been working for about 1 year, or you are new to the profession, your hands are a bit shaky, or after connecting 1 eyelash takes 2 seconds, you should choose the line  dry from 1-2s. This glue is very spicy, and very durable (4-6 weeks). The joiners 1 set of upper lashes under 1 hour 20′ is the line of purple square King glue ver 2 (dry 1-2s). Glue is suitable for cool environments.

+ If you are still slow, just starting to work, slightly shaking, after plugging in your eyelashes, you need to adjust the angle of your eyelashes, then you should choose the 3-4s dry glue line, connect 1 set of upper and lower lashes for 2 hours, choose the glue line King Glue Ver 1 (dry 3-4s) is suitable. Glue is suitable for hot, humid, or cool environments.

All Acacia lines need to be stored in a cool environment, in a rice jar, if the weather is too hot, you can store it in the refrigerator.


Many of you are slowing down to buy super fast drying glue. Because of that, the set of eyelashes you have just finished will not be as durable as the manufacturer offers.

Or the glue dries slowly compared to the workmanship, which will make the customer’s eyes sting, leading to tears, making the glue feet white again, brothers and sisters.

Therefore, choosing for yourself a line of eyelash extension glue that is suitable for your skills is very necessary, most important for eyelash extensions and customer retention.

=> The glue lines that Hani and Hani students use are 100% officially imported from Korea, so the reliability and quality are guaranteed, the durability has been verified based on the feedback of customers. a/cs have used glue lines at Hani.


Then the most durable set of eyelashes will depend on factors such as: CLEANING (is it completely clean), there are other eyelash care products such as Protein to help control oil on the eyelashes, Primmer increases adhesion, use of the set. This cleaning product before extension will help improve the durability of eyelashes very effectively!


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