How to choose false eyelashes for “correct”

Today, Hanoi Eyelash Factory will guide you on how to choose a suitable pair of false eyelashes, you need to determine your eye shape and makeup style.

This is an eye shape that is neither too round nor too flat, shaped like an almond. When you look directly in the mirror, you will see that the iris has just touched the lower eyelid, has a fairly symmetrical shape, often has two distinct eyelids. This eye shape is considered the most “perfect” for makeup styles, both beautiful and time-saving.

With this eye shape, you can choose false eyelashes with crossed lashes to make the lashes look thicker and the eyes become more attractive. Or you can also choose eyelashes with “short ends and long tails” to make the eyes look more attractive. In particular, this eyelash shape is extremely suitable for cat eye makeup.